Porta Planning Briefing Note on Brownfield Registers

Following the Housing and Planning Act 2016, the Town & Country Planning (Register of Previously Developed Land) Regulations 2017 came into force on 16 April 2017 initiating the requirement for Local Planning Authorities to prepare, maintain and publish registers of previously developed (brownfield) land by 31 December 2017, referred to as Brownfield Registers.

Porta Planning’s Briefing Note summarises the process and requirements for Brownfield Registers.  In summary:

  1. All LPAs required to produce a BR by 31 December 2017 and to update on an annual basis.
  2. Key criteria for inclusion of any brownfield site on the BR are that the site area must be at least 0.25 Ha (0.62 acre) and suitable, available and achievable for residential-led development.
  3. BRs present an alternative way of allocating sites for residential-led development, in addition to site allocations identified through Local Plans.
  4. When LPAs allocate brownfield sites, they will effectively be granting ‘Permission in Principle’, provided that development is achievable within 15 years of the entry date to the Register.
  5. Sites can be added to Part 1 of the Register with no consultation or notice from the LPA.
  6. A brownfield site considered to be deliverable within 5 years, can be counted towards the Council’s ‘5-year housing supply’.

Brownfield Register Note 130618


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